Farm-to-Fork SF’s Beneath the Surface brunch and lecture series continued on Sunday, March 5th, in San Francisco at The Village. 50 attendees enjoyed thoughtful conversation, a delicious, well-rounded meal crafted by Andy Shaffer, and a unique chance to mingle with like-minded, food-focused individuals from all over the Bay Area.

Building on the momentum of Farm-to-Fork SF’s previous Beneath the Surface (Sea) brunch and lecture held on February 25th, this event shifted our focus to farming and the land, exploring the rich interplay between agriculture, tradition, human migration and discovery, nourishment, continuity and, perhaps most importantly, community. Stephen Satterfield, Director of Farm-to-Fork SF, hosted the brunch and moderated a intimate panel discussion that featured Pei-Ru Ko of Real Food Real Stories (RFRS), Kristyn Leach, owner of Namu Farm, an Alameda County-based farm dedicated to growing Korean vegetables, and Jim Ryugo, co-owner of Kitazawa Seed Company, America’s oldest purveyor of Asian seeds. They are celebrating 100 years in 2017!

Ecological stewardship is central to the work carried out by Pei-Ru, Kristyn and Jim. Some of the more germane themes explored during the discussion and meal were: heritage, identity, historical precedents, food accessibility, preservation -- not only in a food sense but also in a cultural sense, and ways to best support local food producers. Jamie Stark and Kevin Madrigal were also an integral part of this installment of Beneath the Surface. Their non-profit, Farming Hope, empowers homeless communities through employment; urban farming is the cornerstone of this exciting, timely venture. Jamie and Kevin are currently hosting pop-up dinners to introduce their concept to new audiences.

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The event can be viewed here in its entirety.