Every meal tells a story...

The harvester, the sower, the chopper, the wrapper, the driver. It's more like a million tales. We believe the more those at the table understand about the miraculous ecological and cultural interplay of food production, the more that meal is enjoyed. Through events and a growing media channel, Farm-To-Fork was created to tell these stories, forming real connections between consumers, chefs, and food producers. Through online editorial, interactive digital installations and short films, we present the intimate and interdependent relationship between chefs, eaters and local food producers.


Giving Back

Media is a costly endeavor. It's one of the reasons that many small farmers and small food purveyors rarely have their stories seen. We are delighted to use our talent to showcase theirs. But in addition to that, we've given a portion of the proceeds from each of our events to a local nonprofit in the sustainable food space. We are open to your inquires regarding partnership opportunities.